CHSAM is a top provider of leather chemicals
to the largest and most influential
manufacturers and brands.


Three decades.
Numerous clients.
They know to trust in the CHSAM name.

We do business the right way

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Our team and partners
runs thousands of tests in labs and in actual application
to ensure the final product surpasses expectation


“We only have one Earth.”
Our company and our partners always,
always operate with that in mind.

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CHSAM was started by Sam Chou and Jasmine Chen in 1985 with humble beginnings of a small home office. With its key partner, Trumpler International, it grew to become the largest chemical suppliers to Taiwanese-owned tanneries and one of the leading providers globally. During a particular tough economic time, Sam, Jasmine, their team, and several prominent clients partnered up to start the globally-renowned Taiwanese International Leather Association (TILA).

CHSAM offers several a full range of products for every leather application, as well as a strong commitment to bringing environmentally friendly solutions to the industry.